Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Monday Morning Spanish Fuck

This is Siobhan:

Love the area I live in. It’s a cacophony of the rich and poor, all kicking their heels in the same places and as much of a representation of the many different faces of this city as you will get.

Early mornings are my favourite. Even when I am not working, I will get up early and venture out into this melee of soceity and bask in all of its endearment.

I come to the end of my street and turn onto the Portobello Road. There’s a post office on the corner, where the infirm and generally useless queue for government handouts every Monday morning. You can set your watches by the agitated looks on their faces as the minutes tick closer and closer to 8am. Before this hour on a weekday, the street is a deserted stank of the night before. The subtle smell of urine catches the back of your throat and mixes there with the warm hue and smell of baked goods from the Greggs. When I am down or have my monthly stomach cramps, I nick in for a sausage roll and bask in the London chill as the delicate pastry melts on my tongue and the flakes fall onto my chest. I must be good today though. Then there’s the imported Spanish coffee percolating at the Cafe Garcia. I can hear the girls yapping in their mother tongue as I approach the ever-sprawling business. If you are lucky and the forecast is good, you will find one of the regular salt of the earths setting up a fruit and veg stall. There’s that rough blonde lady that’s here all the time and sets up outside Tesco’s, attempting bravely to compete with their low, low prices.

The trendy girls in their ballet flats wait for their boss outside the American Apparel store waiting to start their working day. As I walk past, I catch them discussing hedge funds and how they are doing on the stock market. The priviledged few who get to live here either slam their doors proudly and dash off to the tube in their Armani suits or lounge around the alfresco tables in their board shorts and flip flops, laden with broadsheets that flap in the wind. The trust-funded yawn in contemplation at what possibly they could do with their day.

Then there are the other regular sights I see. The girl with Downs who perches at the same table outside the Cafe Nero and sits on a bottle of Coke for hours, just watching the world go by and chuckling to herself. The film producers perusing over scripts outside Progresso on the corner of Colville Terrace. They occasionally glance up hoping to discover the next English rose and always blink in amazement when I glide past with my red hair and exposed tattoos.

When I do go as far as the tube up the road to Notting Hill Gate, I like to stop at Kingsland, the Edwardian butchers to look at the skinned game and award winning homemade sausages. Occasionally when I am feeling flushed, I will buy six for later to make with my prized Spring Onion and Cheddar Mashed Potato for Homme and Femme’s dinner. Today I notice that they have rare breed beef and salt marsh lamb from Suffolk, whatever that is. I’m sure locals don’t care, they just shop their for the prestige, like I secretly do.

If I time it right, I get to pass the cute black girl further up the road, as I pass the indoor antique markets. She wears designer bifocals and always smells quite delicious. I always want to stop her and ask her where she got her eyewear and perfume but there’s this certain unwritten etiquette about London that seems to prevent you from being nice to others in the street. Instead, I smile with polite recognition instead.

Back down the street as I then pass the Cafe Garcia, I catch the eye of a rather rugged latin face in a fitted grey sweater idly daydreaming out of the window as I pass. He sees me and there’s that haunted look in his eyes as we make contact that men get when they realise that they have taken a split second too long in capturing a woman’s interest. I give him a smile and look down innocently. I glance back seconds later to see him step out into the street and turn my way. A second glance ensures that he is indeed following me. He seems to have changed his mind about that particular establishment’s wares and has decided to look for something tastier, I think to myself. I don’t want to panic him or make him feel like a pest so I turn and give him an encouraging smile.

He’s putty in my hands now, of course. I decide to tease him a little and stop for a moment and look at some shoes in a window. Out of the corner of my eye, I see him stop and he doesn’t quite know what to do with himself. I chuckle to myself and carry on and quickly dart into the Coffee Plant, my regular coffee stop.

I feel him behind me as I queue for my organic tea with soya milk. I place my order and glance to one side. He’s looking awkwardly up at the menu.

“It’s all fair trade... and really good.” I purr.

“I saw you back there...” he started.

“I noticed.” I interrupted playfully. He offers to pay for my tea and orders some Aribica. He looks down at my leg and comments on my tattoo.

“It’s new...” I tell him, looking down myself at the celtic sprawl on my thigh.

“I have lots..” I say as I sip and blow the heat from the edge of my cup. We stand awkwardly and he smiles down at me. He’s well over six feet and well built. He’s about the same size as Johnson but not as defined. I guess he’s always loved his mother’s cooking like all latin sons do. I think what he would look like naked. I prefer shorter slim guys like Homme but I start to imagine what his performance would be like as he explains what he does when I ask.

He and his brother are architects and are advising on a local development.

“I pass that every day. It’s noisy.” I kid.

He spends an acceptable amount of time talking to my chest but not too much and I flirt and touch his arm. As he talks about his family in Madrid, he places his hand on the small of my back where my shorts sit a few times and each time I move into his hand. He takes the hint and asks me if I am on my way to work. I shake my head innocently. He asks me in his sexy broken English whether I would like to come and see his studio. It’s nearby and has a roof terrace, apparently. He suggests we could get a little sun.

I assume that’s Spanish for ‘fuck me on his sun lounger’, but I could be wrong. Whatever he’s after, he’s cute. He has a nice body. I’m horny. I don’t want to get involved with anyone and neither (I suspect) does he. Let’s see what Spanish has got between his legs, have half an hour of fun and go about with the rest of my day.

“Come to my place.” I counter. “I have a few things to do.”

“Do you live on your own?” he wonders. I shake my head.

“My boyfriend is at home. He’ll be going out in a few hours though.”

He laughed. “Won’t mind me being there?”

I sipped my coffee seductively. This is the fun bit, I think to myself.

“No, he’ll still be in bed... with his wife.”

“His wife? You said he was your boyfriend....”

I nodded.

“Does she... know... that you having an affair with him?”

Should I break it to him? I think I should. Best to get it out of the way, I find.

“I’m not having an affair with him... but I am in a relationship with the both of them.”

You could bottle the intrigue and naugty glee on his face, bottle it and sell it on the market at a huge profit.

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Interracial Four Way Part One

This is Homme:

I got a call from Nick at the weekend.

“Jada and Adeloa are wanting a midweek session with a couple of guys and guess who they asked Maria for?”

“Sure, what night?”

“Thursday... Adeola has a hotel room through work. Some group her company is hosting has a delegate who has pulled out and the group rate means the room is paid for, or something... so she has planned some fun.”

“Who else is going to be there?”

“Oh, it will just be a foursome... you and me buddy, are you in?”

“Of course.”

It was worth going just to see the hotel. The Novotel next to Euston is a wonderful, contemporary business hotel. It has this sumptuous and comfortable open plan look with greys and browns and the rooms are massive. Perfect really for a pair of sexually aggressive, multi-racial couples with one thing on their mind, pure lustful abandon.

I agreed to meet Nick in the hotel bar before heading upto the room together. I came straight from work and he works nearby so he was there sipping on a pint when I got there.

“Hello mate,” he greeted. “How are you?”

“I’m great, horny... y’know...”

“You are always horny...” he laughed.

“That’s not true... sometimes I’m rabid and insatiable, bordering on mild lust.”

“Well, I’m not surprised with that thing in between your legs. All I hear from my wife these days is either how big it is or the monumental orgasm you gave her against the filing cabinet.”

“Oh really, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry... I should be thanking you. Our sex life is so much better since she started seeing you and I get to go off and play with hot black girls in five star hotels... shall we?”

He motioned towards the lifts and I grabbed my beer from the bar top, clocking the bemused look of the polish girl polishing glasses.

Friday, 3 August 2007

A Poem for my Domme

This is Siobhan:

A Thankyou, My Darling
for the soft, throbbing marks
Your intense licks of pleasure
On my alabaster
Make me hurt
Make me cry
Make me love
then I die


I'm restrained
I'm held
I'm choked
I'm yours


Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Account Disabled

This is Siobhan:

Hi There Folks,

Would those who added us on Facebook, please search "Homme Femme" into the search box and add us again as they pulled down our profile and the Dominant Wednesdays group.



Sunday, 29 July 2007

Fuck Vid Time

This is Femme:

Following on quite nicely from that story, I found this horny little video from one of my favourite websites. It brought back some nice memories actually.

Femme Domme Redhead

A Very Sore Bottom courtesy of Homme and Femme

This is Siobhan:

“I need you to be exceptionally cruel to me tomorrow...” I whispered to Homme as I rode his cock, late Tuesday night. I ran my nails hard across his chest and onto his stomach as I ejaculated below. Femme lay beside us with one hand on my clit and her piercing eyes staring up into mine.

I had Dominant Wednesday to myself today. Usually I get a good seeing to after work so it made a nice change to forsee a nice, relaxing day and look forward to a naughty, submissive evening. Homme and Femme had other plans though.

I had a loose date with a friend in town. I was going to meet them in Coffee, Cake and Kink in Covent Garden. He fancies one of the girls who works there and has been flirting with her for months. He’s dying for her to take him to their play lounge downstairs and give him a good caning and so far she has done nothing but tease, which I am sure will add to the eventual outcome. I love those guys down there and I sure do hope they don’t close. They are in the middle of a dispute with their landlord who is trying to evict them for having what they consider as an undesirable establishment, which is a narrowminded shame.

Anyway, as I was enjoying my sleep, what I didn’t expect was the very early start Homme instigated for the start of my day. I’d gone to sleep in my room after sex last night and he crept in to see me at around 7am. He peeled off the duvet from me very slowly and saw that as usual, I was asleep on my front. He slowly climbed onto the bed and I started to wake as I felt his prescence. It is not unusual for Homme to get the horn after a few hours and come searching for me, so I didn’t think anything of it for a second until I realised the strange position he was getting into above me. I felt him put his knee in the small of my back and start to pin me down. Then he brought it down on me. One of my paddles. I really wasn’t expecting it at all and flinched a little. I tried to turn to face him and he pushed my shoulders into the bed before striking me again.

What a surprising turn of events indeed. I secretly had to applaud his inventiveness, accosting me this early when I was least expecting it. I remembered what I had said to him in the throes of orgasm last night and was beginning to realise that I was probably going to get exactly what I asked for.

When he had started to make my bottom throb, Homme set down the paddle and and snapped the handcuffs tightly onto my wrists behind me and walked over to my drawers. He pulled open the top drawer and rummaged for a second through some of my toys and sensed what he was going for. He grabbed the ball gag and strode back over to where I lay. I had managed to turn my self onto my back and when he saw I had moved, he asked me how I dared to do such a thing. He grabbed the hair on the back of my neck and lifted my head up, striking my face with his other hand.

He pushed the ball into my mouth and flipped me over. A few tears welled up in my eyes and I buried my head into my pillow as I was while he tied the straps around the back of my head. He then pulled me up by the straps and dragged my across my bedroom floor and to the door. He transferred his grip to my hair and pulled my across the bare, exposed wooden flesh of the hallway and towards the living room.

He dropped me onto the living room floor and I looked up to see Femme on the couch, dressed in nothing but a basque top and heels with a riding crop in her hand.

“Bring her to me,” she asked of her husband. Homme in his bare nakedness lifted me up by the neck and pulled me over to where Femme was. She opened her legs where she was sat and Homme pushed my face into her wet, shaven slit. All I could do is gorge on her smell for my mouth was out of action pretty much.

She grabbed me by the arm and lay me across her knees where she proceeded to spank me with her hand. I grinned, beamed and beared it for I knew that it was only a matter of time that they would both have to go to work and leave me in my abused splendour.

“Put that strap on onto her and make her fuck me, honey.”

Perhaps not.

Friday, 27 July 2007

Girly Gang Bang Part Four

This is Homme:

I noticed the sight in front of me once I got my point of view back. The first thing I noticed was the look of sheer bliss on Jessica’s face as she was desperately trying to hold back her orgasm as my cock pounded in and out of her as she ground quite deeply on me and Siobhan not helping matters at all by both fingering her arsehole and licking her clit too.

At either side of them and just behind them was Tanya and Maria, sat facing and masturbating one another, my wife was on her knees at the side of the bed whilst Jada sat on the edge for her receiving a good tonguing and while I was under Jane, Ashley and Kelly had swapped over, much to Kelly’s obvious delight. Jane had gotten up for a bathroom and shower break after her orgasm but soon returned and asked Kelly if she could sit next to her. She nodded and took the glass of wine that was being offered to her. She gave a come hither look to Ashley who crawled up Kelly and shared the wine from her mouth. Ashley then reached to Jane who took it back, no doubt tasting the dyke’s juices at the same time. Jane placed a hand on Kelly’s clit and gave her friend some added stimulation before going down on one of her boobs while she continued to receive her pleasure from down below.

This was a very nice thing to see as Jessica came on my rod.

She flopped down onto me in her release and gave me a lovely hug while I was still inside her. Siobhan lay beside us and stroked Jessica’s hair for a minute while the others milled around and continued to get each other off in preparation for me.

No sooner had Jessica climbed off, Tanya climbed on.

“Would you like to go next?” she asked Maria, who was now going down on her.

“No, please.” She said, rising to her feet. “After you, I had him yesterday...”

“This won’t take long.” She announced with her hand still on her crotch. “I’m about fit to burst!”

She ground down on me and held me by the chest as she gasped and screamed in silence after a few minutes. After that, I had to get up and have a sip of wine or something as I was parched, aswell as being near orgasm myself. Femme handed me a glass of something Australian and as she saw me get up, still rock hard, Siobhan went for me, ripping off the rubber. I handed the glass back to my wife and took Siobhan by the hand and pushed her onto all fours, burying my cock deep inside her. I fucked her for a good few minutes until I couldn’t hold back. Seeing me struggle, Maria came over and offered me her mouth. I wanked myself to the end and my juice hit Maria’s face and mouth. Siobhan grabbed Maria by the face indulged in a very spunky kiss before falling back onto the bed and a growing melting pot of writhing, female flesh. They rubbed each others clits until they came and made a lot of noise that everyone else had to momentarily stop and admire.

Jada was sat rather invitingly at the end of the bed looking quite near an orgasm with all the delicious sights and sounds around her to stimulate the lust inside her. I kinda felt bad that I hadn’t fucked her yet and secretly hoped she would hang around a few more hours and join us again after an intermission. Especially as she let me fuck her in the ass last time. In case that I would miss that opportunity, I took over from the vigour she was applying to her crotch and stuck my tongue deep inside her as she wrapped her long black legs around my head.

Seeing this, Tanya pushed her shoulders backwards onto the bed so she was lying in between my spunk hardy sluts and climbed onto her face for another cheeky orgasm as Jessica sucked on one of her boobs.

Siobhan handed me a bullet vibrator as she pulled out her box of tricks, emptying it out over the bed, scattering an array of plus and vibes.

“There’s a wonderful horny smell in here...” suggested Jane, still across the room and reaching over on her heels for one of the toys.

“That’s probably me,” announced Maria, from the clutches of Siobhan still. “She’s just made me cum buckets. The insides of my legs are sopping!”

Siobhan was still on her way though. Maria sat up and helped her along by putting her head between her legs and lapping away, helping the buzzing tool on her clit.

“Y’know,” I began, as I came up for air to see Tanya, still riding Jada’s face. “There just isn’t enough cock in here...”

I walked over to the wardrobe and unhooked the two strap ons from the wardrobe. I turned and waved them in the air, one in each hand, like a proud fisherman until his catch of the day.

“Who wants one?” I announced. The girls all laughed. Some jumped upto their knees.

“Oooo... me! Me!” cooed Maria, enthusiastically.

“I would love,” I suggested, tossing Maria a plastic penis contraption. “Some help in a bit...”

“Well, feel free to direct baby... as long as you take one end.”

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Girly Gang Bang Part Three

This is Homme:

We all piled into the room and jumped onto our bed.

“Group hug!!” someone shouted. This is something that has become something of a tradition at our ‘friendly’ group parties. It really breaks the ice, we feel. There’s nothing like a pile-on the best of times, but to have a bit of a giggle and to ensure that the main aim of group sex is pleasure, and more importantly, fun... with no hang ups, is definately the most important thing.

Now, one of the one things we wanted to try was that very polite voyeurism action we saw on the Japanese video, that of the group quitely and idly sitting around and watching the goings on whilst chatting amongst themselves, whilst one gets royally screwed next to them. Now wheras this is very erotic for the dedicated watcher, it is also perfect for me, as I nothing but appreciate the more relaxed, non-rushed, all night approach to group sex and am quite happy to bide and take my time and enjoy the happy, horny and hard haze I garner from an orgy situation.

Femme surprisingly hadn’t bother dressing the others were so horned up by this time, they had to start fondling. This of course, I didn’t complain about.

They did still admire and watch on as my wife rode me to the upmost of delicious climaxes while the girls at each side of her, kneaded her ample chest. Jessica even took one of Femme’s boobs in her mouth and suckled on it for the first time, which was a welcome and courageous sight, I thought.

Kelly and Ashley milled around in the background still and took a pew in one of the chairs at the side of our bed. I watched as Kelly knelt on the floor between Ashley’s legs and ran her hands up her long skirt, folding the material upwards as she went. She exposed her bare hips and and pushed her legs wider before massaging her clit with the three middle fingers of her right hand. Ashley shuffled her bum down to meet Kelly’s mouth which looked very wet and expectant indeed. She looked as if she had been waiting quite a long time for this in sheer, frustrated lust.

I’m glad Kelly was finally getting some. I was getting my fair share of my own now as the girls were gradually peeling more and more off. Everyone was kicking off shoes and taking off tops and tossing them on a vacant chair on the other side of the bed.

Femme climbed off her perch and stretched herself tall, while running her fingers through hair. She headed for the foot of the bed and Tanya and Maria.

“Nice buzz, honey?” offered Siobhan to my wife.

“Phew, first of the night...” she replied.

Siobhan grabbed my still hard cock and sucked my wife’s juices from me before offering it to the foot of the bed. Maria crawled up and kissed Siobhan to capture Femme’s taste like she has done so many times before sucking on it herself, just as aggressively as she had the day before, on her desk.

“Don’t you worry, honey.” I said my orgasmic life. “I’ll get back around to you.”

The others in attendance laughed.

“You seem sure of yourself now...” chuckled Maria. I put my hands behind my head and grinned, already content.


“You’re asking for it now...” chuckled Maria. Femme got back onto her feet and left the room in search of a bottle of wine to top up our guests as the rest of the women thought about gorging on their prey like a pack of successful lionesses on a hunt.

Jada and Jane shifted up and lay beside each of my shoulders and entered into a three-way kiss with me while both Siobhan and Jessica sat beneath them, kissing and nibbling each od my nipples. Femme entered with a bottle of wine and the punch bowl of condoms Siobhan had placed on the dining table while Maria and Tanya massaged the tops of my legs and my balls while they snogged each other. With my two arms free, I reached under Jane to finger her and on the other side for Jessica, who happily moved her bottom the short distance to my hand so I could play away.

Seeing this, Siobhan knelt down and took me whole in her mouth while Maria joined her sucking my balls and licking the bottom side of my cock. I felt them each taking turns kissing each other and gnawing away at my mast, mixing each others saliva with my secreting juices.

“Mmmm, you taste wonderful...” purred Maria.

Jane cocked a leg over my head and lowered her pussy onto my face. At this point, I was pretty much trapped. A couple of hands joined me on Jane’s pussy and she soon started to give off the impression that she was enjoying herself as she soaked my face. I felt someoe’s mouth around my cock from the opposite side to Siobhan, expertedly roll on a condom as they sucked down on me. I thought Jessica was sat there but this wasn’t her. It was done with a lot more experience, probably Maria.

It was a new kind of feeling as they applied the tip Femme had been boasting about earlier, the one that they had seen in this month’s Scarlet Magazine (that of putting in a little lube into the tip of the condom before placing it onto your partner’s cock) and added that extra essence of pleasure for not just me but ease for those riding me.

Jessica did mount me though, as I heard both the encouragement and felt her tight, little snatch stretch with vigour. Siobhan helped her ease onto me with a little adjustment and a little frictious action on her clit until she was underway, bouncing up and down on me as she crouched up on her feet.

She reached forward for Jane who was right in front of her and happy to both hold her up and fondle her too. That was until she came and her juices gushed over me. Jane climbed off and both Siobhan and Jada came over to lick my face.

“You lot are fucking mucky, you are... We should definately come back.” Ashley drawled in her north west accent from the other side of the room.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

My Speech (and eloquent it was too...)

This is Siobhan:

Ok, I think I remember it. It went along the lines of:

“Thankyou all my lovelies for coming tonight. I just wanted to say a few words on behalf of Femme and myself. We are here to celebrate (rather belatedly) the birthday of our lovely Homme. Both Homme and Femme have given me some lovely experiences since I have known them and I am looking forward to many more. I love them both very much so it’s a pleasure for me to be here and organise this little gift. I’m just sorry I couldn’t wrap you all. But saying that, we will be peeling of your layers in a minute. Despite having two new people here tonight, we are all friends and we should all just have fun. We’d like to start slowly and Femme would really like it if you all joined her now in the bedroom, chat and play amongst yourselves while watching her with Homme. So yeah, that’s about it and I just wanted to say, Happy Birthday Baby... and we all want lots of orgasms! To the bedroom...”

Girly Gang Bang Part Two

This is Homme:

There is something quite flattering about returning home with your wife to find two strange young girls snogging on your couch.

“Hi Guys,” beamed Siobhan.

“Hey you!” We both greeted her with long deep kisses.

“Ashley and Kelly...” Siobhan presented with her hand at one side of her like the prize girl on Wheel of Fortune. We both gave them a little wave.

“Ashley’s pussy tastes divine,” Siobhan followed me into the kitchen, as I reached for some beers. “They’re a bit odd, I think they are just starting out together.”
"You made their acquaintence then?" I said, sarcastically.
"Well, I had to make sure she was good enough for you. I just asked Kelly if she was and she replied that she didn't know as she hadn't let her yet. I said that I simply needed to know for research purposes of course..."
"Of course..." I agreed.
"So, she offered it to me, so I climbed under her skirt for five minutes while they had a snog..."

“Cool, we’re both gonna jump in the shower. Can we leave you to greet everyone else?” I asked.

“Sure, how was Harry?” she enquired.

I made a yawning action with my hand. Siobhan and I awknowledged our moment of Harry Potter boredom cameraderie.

“Femme loved it, so that’s the main thing.”

The doorbell rang and she skipped off to greet Tanya and Maria, who had met up for a coffee in town first after work first. In the background, I heard them being introduced to the two other girls and tell Femme about the crazy homeless woman who had a mouth foaming fit in Starbucks. Femme, in her nakedness, skipped down the corridor to say hello before joining me in the shower.

The water rushed over us as she got on her knees and took my cock in hand, soaping the shaft and my balls. The water beat the back of her neck, so I moved the head slightly so it hit her bum instead. She arched her bum up and moaned at the sensation. She stood and washed me off before bending over and taking me in her mouth. I felt bodies mill around by the doorway and heard Tanya talking to Siobhan about having a little peek. They watched as Femme gave me a wonderful blowjob, making me cum after a few minutes.

“Sorry, I just wanted your first orgasm....” she said cheekily. It was only fair, I guess. After all, I had already given hers in the cinema.

What can I say? Harry Potter bores me.

Femme cleaned herself up and grabbed a towel, heading for the bedroom to get changed. I didn’t bother with a top, I just slipped on some Calvins and some smart trousers and sprayed myself with Giorgio. I grabbed my beer and headed out to meet my audience for the evening.

The reception I got was wonderful, quite unexpected. They all teased me and laughed about how I wasn’t going to be able to handle nine women and a couple of them jokingly went to rip off my trousers straight away.

“Don’t make me fuck you all straight away. You’ll be sorry,” I joked.

Everyone had arrived and were settled into the bottle of wine. Siobhan was opening another. I took it from her and did the honours. She looked a picture in her new white basque set and matching stockings. I waved to Tanya and Jada, huddled in the corner. The two new girls seemed nervous and a bit overwhelmed with our obvious, relaxed dynamic. I went over there to say Hi properly.

“Don’t worry, we’re all friends here.” They sipped on their drinks in unison.

I continued. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do or participate in anything. There’s no pressure whatsoever. Even if you just want to play between yourselves. That’s ok, nobody will be offended.”

They looked like they were relaxing a little.

“If you don’t wanna fuck me, that’s ok too.”

They giggled.

“It will take the pressure off slightly, actually...”

“Well,” whispered Ashley, looking at her friend. “I really want to but I should tell you that Kelly is gay.”

“That’s ok, Kelly. There’s plenty here for you then.”

That got her attention.

“In fact,” I teased. “Siobhan and Maria probably give the best pussy lickings in here... and if you ask them nicely, they’ll get out their strap ons.”

“That would be nice,” she piped up.

“Kelly likes that.” Ashley agreed. “I’ve never had the courage to do it to her though.”

“Well, this is the perfect place to try and probably be taught.” I suggested. “Are you girls okay for wine?”

They nodded eagerly while I went to greet the rest of my guests.

It was quite strange seeing everyone together without their partners and instantly I suggested to Siobhan that she should offer to take part in similar parties with the respective missing partners.

“Oh yeah,” she said quite nonchalantly, within earshot of Maria. “We’re all going to do Nick next week!”

“He’ll be most pleased when I tell him, hello darling!” Maria reached over for a kiss.

“Hello yourself, my it feels just like yesterday since I saw you?”

Maria laughed and Siobhan teased her.

“Oh yeah, what did you get upto?”

“Oh y’know,” she blushed. “We had one of our lunch dates...”

“You fucked her in her office..” she turned to me. I nodded. “Man, I really should come and meet you more on your lunch break.”

Maria purred. “That would be fun.”

I didn’t actually fuck her at all as she was still recovering from her period but instead had a great blowjob while she mounted her desk on all fours naked. She cursed herself for getting semen on a really important file below us as she attempted to swallow the load I had deposited in her mouth.

“Shit, how am I going to explain that to finance...” she panicked, as she grabbed a load of tissues from her bag.

“I’ve always wanted to be gangbanged by a group of guys, but it’s a worry, isn’t it?” I overheard Jessica talking to Jane, who had obviously mentioned her bukkake fetish to her and the large group of men she meets on occasion. “Y’know, you have to worry about them going too far and overwhelming you.”

“I know what you mean, but sometimes I find the overwhelming so arousing, I really do. Being taken over and used as a complete whore. It’s nice to let go, to submit, y’know...?”

Jessica nodded along in politeness. “How do you arrange all this?”

“I just have like a Yahoo Group. Men join up and I post on there suggestive dates, normally a Saturday night at my place or a hotel. When enough respond to a certain date, I confirm and they turn up...”

“Don’t you worry about random guys turning up at your house?”

“No, well... I have all the guys post pics and have phone conversations with them all and when I feel happy, I tell them but they all know I’m married and respect that so I don’t usually find that a problem. My husband looks after me.”

“Yeah, I guess that helps.”

“Anyway,” Jane continued and raised a hand for my belt as I walked over them to where they were sat. “We can always mix it up with people you know, like this guy.”

Jessica beamed at the idea and rubbed my cock through my trousers as Jane caressed my balls.

“I like the sound of what’s going on over here...” I joked.

“Jessica is going to join me and Andrew one night for some group fun....”

“Interesting...” I said. “You fancy that then?”

“Yeah, I’ve always fantasied about it but they can’t all be total strangers... and I don’t want to be fucked by some conveyor belt... but the idea of being covered in lots of spunk... I like. I had three guys once and they all covered my face, it was great.... The fact that I knew them all helped....”

“How did you know them?” I asked her.

“From college. We all took English lit and found ourselves quite horny in the pub after talking about DH Lawrence and then Anais Nin, which of course turned into Pauline Reage and the next thing I know, they are asking me if I ever had more than one man... We then got very drunk and went back to the big room they shared... One thing led to another after I got off with one of them... The conversation really got me horny and I’ve had my eye on him for a while... After we got it on, the others just kinda stripped and came over to his bed....”

Just then, Siobhan clinked a teaspoon against her glass and the the group stopped talking. She wanted to make a speech.

Monday, 23 July 2007

Our Girly Gang Bang with Homme

This is Siobhan:

Partly as a return of favour of my gang bang bukkake night and a collective decision as to what to get Homme for his birthday, we decided to treat him to a girly gang bang. A night of complete and decadant worship for him with nothing but lovely girls vying for his attention. We gathered that, next to an Angelina Jolie, Denise Richards and pickle sandwich with a side order of Suicide Girls, this was pretty much every man’s dream. Well, what do you get a man with everything?

To arrange this we opted for inviting a few select friends (Maria, Jada, Tanya, Jessica Bunny and Jane), not to mention myself and Femme (of course), but also we took a new step of approaching a couple of horny girls that have been flirting with me on Facebook via one of the bi female groups.
Ashley, a 21-year old from Manchester is studying in the city. She’s quite tall and leggy with long blonde hair. She turned up with a girl called Kelly, who was along for moral support and “to make sure you wuznt gonna kill ‘er, innit”, which I thought was sweet of her, if not a little terrifying the way she announced it. She had short cropped hair and was a little too butch for the tiny top and skirt she was wearing. I could quite imagine that Ashley had confided in her gay friend about the illicit and suggestive conversations we were having in our inboxes and her desire to join our shenanigans and as she probably held a secret crush on her friend, she would have insisted on coming along to protect her.

Yup, I pretty much had these two down. Well, let’s hope our little soiree does something for their odd relationship. If this night achieves anything I would hope that it brings together an open lesbian and her confused bisexual infatuation, because that is always healthy.

Neither of them incidentally adhered to our dress code for the evening, which was one simple thing... stockings and slutty heels. I’d asked Homme if he wanted anything special from each of his ladies as an extra special touch and he came out with what I thought he would,

“Stockings, please!”

Instead, Ashley turned up in bare legs and boots under a long skirt and Kelly came in with bobby socks and trainers, despite the nice little skirt. Nevermind, that wasn’t important. I did make a little mental note to spank Ashley if I got the chance though.

Ashley and Kelly were actually the first to turn up. I’d said 8pm and when the doorbell went at 7.20pm, I actually had to grab a towel and jump out of the bath. Homme and Femme were at the cinema at Whiteley’s watching the Harry Potter film still. The look on Kelly’s face was a picture.

“Hi guys, come in. You’re a little early...” I joked.

“Sorry,” gushed Ashley. “We got over here far earlier than we expected.”

Turns out they both live around Bromley and don’t really come into the city that much, let alone deepest, darkest West London.

“It looks like you’re ready though...” chuckled her friend, as I was introduced. I took the towel from around me and held it all in front of me as I shook her hand before exposing myself as I brought the whole thing upto my hair to rub the Moulton Brown and water from my red locks. Both the girls looked nervously at each other and around them. I giggled along with them for a moment.

“I suggest you get comfortable... Do either of you need to change? You can use the bedroom at the end?”

“Can I use your pisser?” cried Kelly. Sexy, I thought.

“Sure.” I said. She bolted past me and locked the door, leaving me naked with Ashley. I raised my eyebrows as she rolled her eyes.

Friday, 20 July 2007

Welcome to Dominant Wednesdays!

This is Siobhan:

Homme unabashadly takes the credit for coining the term of what we now affectionately call ‘Dominant Wednesdays’ at home, our hour of evening fun (currently after dinner and before Big Brother) that has become well and truly part of our weekly routine now, but really it was all Tabitha’s fault (my gay Nordic blonde friend training to be a Domme). We had started meeting regularly on a Wednesday evening as she was taking a stained glass course, a few streets away from where we live. It was the ideal opportunity for her to slip in a couple of hours practice on me before heading home to ‘the wife’. This was when Homme started to tease me and we referred to her visits as ‘Dominant Wednesdays’.

As Tabitha’s night classes came to an end and she was fully initiated into the dungeon that had taken her on, she stopped her regular weekly visit and for a time changed it to an occasional one when her and her girlfriend were visiting Portobello market. They used to bring fair trade, take away coffees and pastries from a vegan cafe down the road and Louise, her partner sat and chatted away to Femme in our open plan kitchen whilst Tabitha bent me over a fot stool in the background and made my bottom pink with her weapon of choice. Sometimes she let Femme pick the item that she would spank me with and she would always opt for Tabitha to use one of her slippers, She liked to get involved in that way.

But then those visits stopped too and we are lucky now if we get to see Tabitha once every six weeks and then she has to stay over because they moved in together, some god-awful place past Stratford on the Central Line. Usually she stays in my room while I bunk up with Homme and Femme because she can only do an evening as during the day on Sundays are one of her peak times by all accounts.

Again, there is nothing ever sexual between us but it’s not from my want of trying. I often beg her to fuck me with a strap on and pull my hair back really hard or plunge something long and suitable into my arse while she smacks my arse or even dominate both myself and Homme and make us do anything that she wants but the answer was always the same,

“No sorry, that would be cheating...”

So I was snuggled upto Homme one night and when he asked if I was okay, I put on my best puppy dog eyes and blushed,

“I miss Dominant Wednesdays.”

He laughed because it was a private house joke that hadn’t been referred to for a few months, ever since Tabitha’s midweek visits had stopped.

“Do you miss a regular spanking baby?”

“Yeah,” I purred. “ I really looked forward to it.”

He beamed and I continued.

“It really broke up the week for me.”

It did though and it had become the one day I could look forward to on a regular basis where I could guarantee a good warming of the arse.

As far as the role play side of things go, I didn’t really go in for all that. It wasn’t the part that turned me on, it was the pain. Besides, i’m a really crap actress.

Tabitha was really good at it and for the sake of her training and our arrangement, I was normally happy to play along. In fact, I didn’t really mind it with her but if Homme tries it, we just end up in fits of giggles. I just prefer him to administer the pressure and keep his mouth shut, so to speak. Oh yes, give me the feel of a nice, hard (preferrable flat) object coming into contact with my skin, that’s what gets me off. The feel of my sore bottom pulsing with hirt and cooling down in a cold breeze. As long as he still asks after and checks up on me through his silence, then that’s okay. But then it’s always important to have a ‘safeword’ anyway. Preferrably, something you wouldn’t normally blurt out during sex. Ours is Cinnamon. But no, I’m normally quite happy just letting him get on with what he’s doing and for me to enjoy it.

Dominant Wednesdays are not just about me and Homme though, as Femme too likes to get involved. She loves to bend me over her knee and give my arse a spank. She can really get into a role aswell, actually and get quite excited, panting and getting into character. She likes to pretend I’m like some sort of unruly maid. A role to which of course, I am more than happy to dress for.

“Have you been fucking my husband again, you little slut? (Thwak) Have you? (Thwak) You little cock whore (Thwak) I bet you drank all of his spunk (Thwak) My spunk (thwak) My lovely tasting spunk (Thwak) I bet it dripped from your chin, didn’t it? (Thwak) Well, he thinks nothing of you (Thwak) You are just a plaything to us (Thwak)”

With each I respond with a moaning gesture, one of painful delight.

Sometimes she moves her hand and grabs one of my leather belts and splashes it against the tops of my thighs as she forces a forefinger on her other hand up my anus. If i’m lucky she then moves me to the arm of a chair so she can handcuff me to a nearby table leg and bring my favourite wooden metre ruler down upon me.

As we move from one room to the other, she often has Homme degrade me by dragging me on my hands and knees quite forcefully by the hair and if I am lucky, he will stuff his cock in my mouth as she strikes me from behind.

One time Tabitha was round with Louise, Femme put on a show for the girls who just sat up high on our steel bar stools and just watched on as she demonstrated the variety of implements I like to be used on me. We have crops, paddles, canes, birch twigs, that all require different forces and textures when being used as each give off a different feeling for the receiver. One thing Femme did that day was make Tabitha strike the soles of my feet with a cane and then watched as I waked around in a circle in the middle of the room on our stripped hardwood floor to add to the pain. They both attached a ball gag to me and roped my forearms behind my back like I was some sort of paddock bound pony.

As I did my revolutions, Femme got her to goad me and strike my arse with a paddle as I passed her. When I reached Femme she geed me up too, but this time with her hand. The experience sent ripples of delight through me.

Tabitha has since used the technique in her workplace I hear. The sight in my mind of cuckolded, high-powered executives, probably stood in their £200 shirts and silk ties marching around in a circle fills me with nothing but glee everytime I think of her.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Contemplating the Weekend

This is Homme:

So, as a belated birthday treat for yours truly, the girls have organised a reverse gangbang for me. For those of you not in with the lingo, that’s when one guy gets fucked by an array of women, either all together or one after the other.

Now, this is slightly different to the CFNM night a couple of months back when I was teased, tied and abused by a number of clothed ladies, although I did get to fuck a couple of them. No, this time it’s just about sex. No humiliation, no walking around in nothing but an apron serving drinks and letting all and sundry share my cock with multiple blowjobs. This time it is purely about carnal, lustful behaviour and about getting as much hole as possible.

At the previous night, the count was five and I only had sex with three of them, my two disappeared into Maria’s bedroom and occupied each other and if my memory serves me correctly, each of those were satisfied. Three’s good. Three’s not really a problem to achieve a certain amount of pleasure for (if you set your mind to it) until you are about fit to burst yourself, but as Siobhan pointed out to me this morning,

“You will have to make sure more of us are satisfied this time, stud.”

“Why’s that?” I asked, curiously as I munched on my toast at far too an early a time to be contemplating such an energetic task.

“Saturday night has gone upto eight...”

“Really?” I gulped, daunted somewhat.

“Who’s the eight?” I had to wonder.

“Me... Femme, Maria, Jessica Rabbit...”

I raised my eyebrows and couldn’t resist a little dig. “You made an impression then...”

“....Jane, Tanya, Jada, Adeola ...and I’m waiting to hear on two girls from Facebook I messaged in a group sex group that seemed interested...”

“Ten?” I gasped. She strode over and dove a hand inside my trousers at my rock hard member.

“Uh-huh...” she nodded. “He’s not complaining.”

For Our Friend Emily, a Horny Little Video: PVC Lesbian Threesome

This is Femme:

Two dominant girls DP another with strap-ons.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

A Date with Jessica Rabbit Final Part

This is Siobhan:

She actually made me come.

I don’t know how she did it and where she conjoured up the experience and resolve but she did it. There I was flat on my back in an orgasmic dance with the sucking she was giving on my clit rod, pulling at the steel embedded in my tiny muscle of desire. I had to stop with my tonguing of her hole because the crescendo she was building in my loins was just far too much.

She was an utter natural. It was all her, despite having a fair share of direction from Homme who was at her head end, urging her to dart a couple of fingers inside me, one after the other, in quick succession, in the entrance of my vagina just as he knows I love. When she was building a sufficeint working in my head, he swapped ends, rubbered up and sank his hard cock into her from behind while I watched and moaned from below. I hooked a leg around her neck as I came and shuddered as buckets of juice seeped from my hole and into her mouth.

She pulled up and and panted as it dripped from her mouth along with a mountain of sweat on her neck. Homme grabbed her head as he fucked her and drank and drank from her sweet mouth my taste.

I tapped his bottom right cheek from below (our code to be let out from out from underneath at that side) and I slipped out, I swapped ends and lay by the side of the couple as they continued and carried on our previous, luscious lock of saliva as I took my taste from her mouth and drank Homme’s passion from within her.

I took her face in my mouth and whispered sweet sexy thoughts at her as she climaxed for me. I rewarded her with a passioante clinch on the bed and stroked her sweaty forehead and scalp while Homme released his manhood from the durex and poured himself a glass of wine before hitting the bathroom, where we heard a long stream of urine splashing against the toilet bowl.

I hugged Jessica into my arms, embracing her into my bosom. She continued to pant and groan with pleasure. She ran a hand over my chest, running also with a mix of both of our sweats and down into my crotch.

“Can I make you cum too?” she wondered.

“I would love you to... but I want some cock first...”

“I could rub you while he fucks you?”

“Yes,” I pleaded. “That would be nice...”

Homme bounded back into the room and immediately took his position between my legs.

“Don’t you two look a picture?” he motioned, making a picture square with the thumb and forefinger of both his hands. We both sniggered and Jessica pulled away from my embrace temporarily, to take Homme’s cock into her mouth, now she had noticed it was sans protection.

“Mmmm...” she purred. “He tatstes very nice.”

“I quickly jumped into the shower... They have Moulton and Brown stuff, we should head in there in a bit...”

“It’s very nice indeed, your cock is great too...”

“Well, I hate it tasting like rubber but it is necessary.”

“Is that nice, Jessica Rabbit?” I asked.

“Come and try it...”

Well, I’m not one to refuse an offer like that. Homme placed a hand on both our heads as we fought between ourselves for his taught, thick, hairy hard on. We alternated sucking hard up and down his cock whilst the other nibbles his hairy paunch and sucked on his balls.

We sucked on his member and put it between our passionate kisses. I noticed Jessica rub on her pussy as we brought off my lover and made a stance.

“Are you both gonna get me off then?” I announced to the room.

“I thought you’d never ask...” joked Homme as he pushed me back onto the bed.

Homme stuck his hard length into me and pounded away as we both watched our little red head to the side of us knelt on the bed with her hand between her legs, moaning.

“Come,” I panted, holding out my hand to her. “Do what you promised you would do to me...”

Homme stopped for a second, not knowing what we wanted until she got her hand into place whilst lying next to me, before continuing his thrusting into my hole. He powered into me, alternating between kissing me and Jessica before we just gave up entirely and entered into a three way kiss after she oversucked one of my breasts. She carried on with her rubbing and Homme was happy to hold back, slow down and change his position so she would have more room.

He loves to get on his knees and fuck me anyway, with both of my ankles in each hand or even both of my legs over one shoulder so he can punish my hole, ever so slowly.

But now he got on his knees and wrapped both of my legs around his waist so she could have full reign on my groin as he slowly slapped all of his length in and out of my vagina, right from the tip to the very faraway base, just as he knows that both myself and Femme loves.

He pulsed me until he came, unfortunately slightly before myself but we did get a nice faceful, myself and Jessica, although she wouldn’t partake in a little cumswap with me and insisted that I just swallow it like she had. We snuggled back into our positions and she rubbed my clit and bit on my nipples until I did come.

We lay in a climaxed, silly state until we realised where we were and where we needed to go and poor old Jessica kinda sensed that and started to collect up her clothing.

“Where are you rushing off to?” Homme asked, with candour.

“Well, you guys aren’t hanging around here, are you?” she replied.

“No, but there isn’t any rush...” I pleaded.

“We’re not staying sure, but it’s only 8pm and the night is young, how about we call Femme and go and get Thai somewhere?”

“That would be nice, I’d like that...” she replied.

And so we ate.

Homme's View from the Bed Head

This is Homme:

I can heartily recommend that the perfect way to spend an evening is sitting in a four star hotel, beer in hand, porn on the TV and two sexy ladies in a 69 at the foot of the bed with the strict intention of crawling up between your splayed legs and indulging on your cock for a while together...

But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself and not enabling to let you fully appreciate the sight in front of me first.

It didn’t take long for Siobhan and Jessica to undress each other at all. Once Jessica had made her move and gave her the green light, Siobhan was all over that little vision of delight. She made her kick off her heels and drop her jeans so that she was just in her fishnets. She made her bend over the bed and asked her if she wanted to be spanked. Jessica just purred in reply as I budged over to their side so she could suck my cock from where she was. Siobhan stripped down to her french knickers with the garter belts, heels and seamed stockings before grabbing a handful of Jessica’s red hair and pulled her head back with a little force as she started to wet my cock with her mouth.

“You want to suck his cock, do you?”

She forced her head back into my groin and made her deep throat my length. She brought her hand down on her little bottom and her mouth tightened around my cock. I gave out a little wince.

“Are you okay?” gasped Jessica, raising her head quickly.

I laughed. “I’ll live... don’t stop though.”

She grinned and returned to sucking on my balls. Siobhan got on her knees behind where Jessica was and started eating at her pussy, which she gave the impression my end that she was very much enjoying. Siobhan wasn’t going to let me have my pleasure quite yet though and that was when she insisted that they indulge in each other’s gifts.

“I haven’t gone down on a woman before... do you mind if I go on top first?”

“Not at all...” she replied, laying across the foot of the bed. She let Jessica take the moment at her own pace and she happily and slowly climbed onto the bed and rested on her knees by the side of my lover. She pulled off the knickers over her hips and tossed them into my face. They giggled between themselves as they lodged themselves on my head.

Siobhan rubbed her pussy in preparation and moved apart her legs.

“Ready when you are...” she teased her, raising her eyebrows to me. Jessica looked back at me, perhaps for some sort of permissionable look, so I nodded to her. With that she put her head between Siobhan’s legs and lapped away at her bald snatch. Occasionally, she raised her head and looked back again, giggling nervously and choosing to rub her clit instead.

“Can I have yours?” whispered Siobhan to Jessica, who sat and thought about it between her legs. She plucked up the courage and got into place above Siobhan’s face. She sat up straight and rode her for a little bit before moving back down into the 69 position.

I finished the dregs of my beer and enjoyed the multitude of sights in front of me.

A Date with Jessica Rabbit Part Three

This is Siobhan:

“Do you want to kiss me?” she said, as my lover peeled off her plain, pink t-shirt to reveal the perkiest, milky B-cups I had ever seen. She immediately caressed them with the pals of her hands and turned to kiss him. She pulled away and turned back to me.

“I want her...” she nodded to me.

“I think I should let you get acquainted...” chuckled Homme, climbing onto the bed and reaching for his bottle of Stella. He grabbed the TV remote and flicked on the set. He motored through the channels to what I was hoping to be something erotic and not CNN. I walked over to where Jessica was stood and I placed my lips onto hers. Her sweet little lips embraced mine with the clarity and sense of a brand new love. She smelt of something sweet and flowery, some cheap market stall copy, I bet. I moved both of my hands down her spine and onto her bum cheeks, giving them an initial grab as she fumbled behind me with my spaghetti strap. She set free the knot and grabbed my favourite PVC hankerchief top at the front in her fist between my breasts and tore it from my chest, whilst never once breaking away her concentration on my face with hers. She (rather expertedly actually) touched cheeks with mine and intertwined my tongue with hers. The steel of our tongue bars clacked together as we munched on each others taste.

Homme successfully found what looked to be suitable porn. Not very good porn but horny nevertheless. The two over-tanned, peroxide, fake titted blondes were dressed as Amazonian warriors and cavorting to mellow jazz whilst buff warrior men waited to get in on the action. Homme stipped naked in front of the two of us and took his proud member into his hand.

I’m very particular about my porn. Femme loves this sort of stuff. The soft lighting, creepy music, over-produced, American films with plot. I, on the other hand, like the almost amateur-look to my wank material. Shot with one, maybe two hand-held cameras, hardcore scenes with people who are perhaps a little beaten up or haven’t necessarily been to a gym three times a day, lots of cumshots and the only soundtrack is pure, primal lust... just like my sex life.

As we momentarily wateched the horny happenings on the screen, Jessica took one of my hand and placed it onto her onto her belly and then down the front of her jeans.

That was all the prompting I needed really....

Monday, 16 July 2007

A Date with Jessica Rabbit Part Two

This is Siobhan:

After meeting Jessica Bunny down in Notting Hill Gate at The Champion, the talk soon turned to where to take her for our three-way. Homme mumbled something about her flat being just down the road and she nodded along, sipping her lager and lime. I remembered how cramped Homme had said her bedsit was, so I had to put my foot down and get him to pay for a hotel room for the night. We walked down to the Ramada and I took Jessica to the bar and ordered a bottle of Pinot Grigo, while I sent Homme scurrying to the Reception for our room.

He cornered me at the doorway to The Champion whilst she was in the toilets.

“Why don’t we just take her home?” he asked me.

“This is her first time, do you really want to scare her off and possibly add Femme into the mix? Just call her and tell her where we are. We don’t have to stay all night, we can check out and go home.”

Room only rates are not just for early rising business men, you know. Swingers benefit too.

Homme returned with his “plea for corporate rate accepted” smile and poured himself a glass of wine.

“It’s a nice room, we’ve been in this one before...” he announces, pushing the keycard towards me. I glanced down at the room number and thought about the three different times we had been here, all meeting couples from Swinging Heaven for same room swaps.

There was that couple where she was around 19 and he was in his late 40s. All he wanted from me was to sit on his face while his girl got fucked really hard from behind and watched us.

Then, there was the visiting American couple who probably emailed every single couple in the city because they emailed us right at the last minute at 7pm on Saturday evening like they had been let down. Luckily we were down the road and when we called they seemed extremely relieved that we could join them. There was talk of another couple coming but they never did. They had matching windbreaker jackets and their floor was covered with postcards. They were going onto Stratford and then Edinburgh, like most of them do.

The last time we stayed here was a young Portuguese couple. They didn’t live together and I got a sense that he had another serious relationship he was playing away from. I don’t blame him though, this girl was a firebrand. She had the longest legs I have ever seen and came in for a kiss when her other half came in my mouth. He had a fairly small cock and the look on her face when she discovered what was in Homme’s trousers was absolutely priceless. They’d just been to a Lily Allen concert, so the entire time I was singing one of her songs in my head, which wasn’t very pleasant.

When we arrived in the room, I immediately remembered exactly who we had met there. It was the American couple. He had bent me over the arm of that chair and forced his cock in my arse. Happy days.

Jessica Rabbit hadn’t dressed for play unlike me, so I kinda felt overdressed with her in her jeans and heels. She wore a simple cotton t-shirt but what I suspected to be fishnets by the tiny snapshot of her feet I got as she walked along the carpeted hotel corridor towards the room with us.

An overwhelming desire to devour this little chicken came over me as I took the key card from Homme and opened the door for her. As she passed me, I could smell her fresh showered scent and a distant musk that I hoped that would cover me quite soon.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

A Date with Jessica Rabbit Part One

This is Siobhan:

Last Friday we had our wicked way with Homme’s little bunny friend.

After he showed me the text from her, I insisted that he let me call her for a chat. She was clearly a little shy but clearly up for a hot and heavy threesome.

“Hey There Jessica Rabbit...” I hooted. She sounded like I made her choke on something. Homme was here so it certainly wasn’t his cock for a change.

“Are you ok?” I chuckled as she continued to cough.

“Some coffee went the wrong way. Who is this?”

“It’s Siobhan... Homme and Femme’s partner. He may have mentioned me.”

“I should have known. There’s only him who calls me that. How are you?”

“I’m good. We were wondering if you wanted to go for a drink Friday night and then... y’know... perhaps have some fun...” I grinned, winking at Homme.

He looked at me, incredulous.

“What?” I covered the speaker with my hand. “Some people just need a little push, that’s all.”

“Ok, yeah. I’d like that.”

“Are you bi?”

“I think I might me. I have thought about it recently. I have kissed girls and played with them a little...”

“A bit of mutual pussy rubbing you mean?”

“Sure yeah and I have had two guys before so yeah, I would like to take the next step....”

I paused and took that thought it and raised my eyebrows at Homme, who now had his hand inside his trousers.

“Ok, well don’t worry, we will look after you and we promise that you will have a good time.”

“Great,” she exclaimed. “Friday then?”

To All Poopse Lovers

This is Siobhan:

Personally, I’m partial to the pink POOSPE and the black POOSPE... Just give me a joypad. xx

Horny in the Morning

This is Homme:

Hot Black and White Threesome

Man, I can't believe how hot this fucking clip is. It's full on for about 10 minutes and the two black girls do an absolute number on the guy until his completion. Gives me nothing but a desire to have the same.

I think I should call Jada and Adeola.

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Webcam Partner Swap Part Three (Why can't we type in the title box, Blogger?)

This is Siobhan:

The prescence of Homme (although in the form of a three inch squared digital window with images beamed from two miles away) immediately eased and relaxed me, as I believe it did The Stranger who began to talk, albeit to my partner on the screen.

“Is she doing what I think she is doing?” he said, as he noticed that Homme was leant back in the office chair with a lovely smile on his face already. Homme took hold of the camera and pointed it towards his groin where you could see the blonde coiffed head of my stranger’s wife moving up and down. This seemed to give him the horn and he began to stroke himself at the thought and sight of what she was doing to my other half.

“You want some of that?” I asked cheekily to my naked friend, taking hold of his bald, tanned cock.

“Well, that’s what we are doing I assume...”

Oh, get over yourself, I thought as I laughed inside and turned to Homme to roll my eyes. He needs to lighten up and I need to give him something not to forget. I took it on as a personal challenge. After all, I was beginning to wonder whether it was more her thing than his, but I reckon it would have been a different case if I came to him, which is probably what most of their contacts are willing to do. But I wasn’t forcing him to do anything, of course. He still looked sullen and frankly not like anyone else I had been in this state of unabashed willingness and undress with.

Face it, perhaps just didn’t fancy me?

He soon gave me quite the opposite impression though as he bent me over the arm of our sofa in full view of the camera and rubbered up. He might be a moody fucker that might not want to be here, but man he had a big cock. He pointed me towards the camera which was broadcasting from down the road so he could see my Homme fucking his wife, panty crotch to one side and nibbled boobs protruding from the cups of her bra.

Homme slapped her hard which seemed to raise his interests as I felt him both quicken and harden inside me.

Was that it then, you fucker? I thought, Am I not kinky enough for you?

I’m not going to face down that sort of challenge and I propositioned the muscled stranger as he pounded away for show behind me.

“You wanna spank me soldier, go ahead...” I suggested. That was it. That was all it took to set off the stranger. He approached the gorging I required like a virgin on prom night, completely selfishly using me in the process. He instantly flipped me over and grabbed an ankle in each wrist for full view of the camera. I let him screw my tight still unrelaxed and vunerable pussy for a good 15 minutes until he slowed down and I panted hard. He slipped out and looked as if he had cum. I went for his durex to help him but he pulled away.

What was wrong with this guy? I wanted to suck his cock and enjoy his taste but he shyed away from me. He slipped away almost embarrased and headed to the bathroom to clean up.

I collected myself from what was a near orgasmic bliss and noticed Homme looking toward the camera with the stranger’s wife in a similar position. Just as I finished, manouvered the camera so I can see the upper half of her body, breasts and chest resplendant and face and hair a luscious picture. I wish I was there and not here.

She was holding out her tongue and waiting for Homme’s gorgeous gift just as her husband equally should have been. By the time my lover had settled after emptying himself over her face and neck, her husband, the stranger was half dressed and thinking about his exit. We smiled uneasliy at each other while the wife had her face covered in juice. He pulled on his smart trousers and came over all polite and thankful, before leaving.

“Come back and finish me off darling..” I typed into our private room.

Friday, 6 July 2007

Webcam Partner Swap Part Two

This is Siobhan:

I am welcoming a stranger into my home.

He is a very horny, buff and tanned stranger with a toned stomach and muscular chest and has come with the strict intention of screwing me for an hour or so while his wife and my lover watch and play themselves on the other end of a webcam in a swingers chat room.

It doesn’t take long for my horny stranger to arrive as they are only in Holland Park. Sounds like Homme could have and did just wander round there, all showered, hard and perfumed. We ended up hooking ourselves up on the webcam front. I guess it was inevitable. We have spoken to so many other couples on the Swinging Heaven chat who have had a cam and have waned in their conversation because their desires to see us right then and there, Live! Tonight! Sold Out! ..are not fulfilled.

But then technology has both mystified and killed the art of sexual expectation and intrigue.

I imagined that he just came out of Oxford Gardens and onto Ladbroke Grove and got there in less than half an hour which would explain how I was caught on the hop by the doorbell as I stepped out the shower. He gave me a peck on the cheek as I stood there in my little towel. He seemed to admire my long (if pale) legs as he passed me.

“Computer is in the living room there and help yourself to a drink. I am just going to slip into something sexy,” he raised his eyebrows nonchalantly and peeled off his jacket.

I raced around my bedroom and pulled out my black lace basque which was still tangled in the remnants of the hold ups I wore at the weekend, remembering that they were ripped by the teeth of a certain female, I searched in my drawer and grabbed my emergency fishnets (always handy for a girl about the horny town, I can totally recommend Ann Summers for this) and slipped on my velvet kitten heels before striding confidently back into the living room. What I found wasn’t the excitable suspense I normally receive while getting dressed for a play partner but what I sensed as an oddly, cold atmosphere.

The stranger was naked from the waist down so I cracked a joke about his action saving me a particular job. He didn’t seem impressed. Perhaps, it wasn’t that, I thought maybe he was just shy, or God forbid, here under duress, because none of us wants that.

I looked down at myself and wondered what he wouldn’t be excited about. I hung my head a little and took a seat by the computer.

“Let’s have a look at what they are doing...” I chuckled to myself in an effort to relax my companion.

In the little camera window I could see Homme waving away.

“Turn the mic on...” he typed in the chat room. I realised that I really should have probably familiarised myself with the workings of the camera as Homme was setting the thing up before he left. Instead, I climbed under the table and mouthed his groin until he came into my mouth.

I flicked the switch at the side of the mic and clicked my mouse on the relavant icon.

“Pour some wine if you like.” I motioned to the stranger, now topless also.

“Hi Guys!” I piped, trying my best to hide my unease with my companion.

“Hello,” they both cooed, obviously happily more acquainted than we. So acquainted in fact, they looked like they had already fucked. Probably by the doorway, her hands at aither side of the door frame clutching on as he took her from behind.

The stranger moved in behind me and placed both of his hands on each of my shoulders, to join this welcoming gesture. The wife did the same behind Homme. She herself had changed from her evening wear which was more than likely her work attire and was now just in a white lace bra and matching pants. She gave the stranger a blow of a kiss and us both a little wave before disappearing from view to what looked like a kneeling position on the floor.

I imagined that she was unbuttoning his trousers and swallowing what I am sure would have been a huge erection now.

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Webcam Partner Swap

This is Homme:

“What’s a webcam partner swap?” enquired Siobhan, reading out one of our emails. Not an email to do with the blog but from a seperate one we use for swinging.

“Sounds pretty straight forward to me.” I mused. It was, apart from the fact we don’t own a webcam. “Who’s it from?”

“Harry and Olivia. I’m in Swinging Heaven.”

My attention was grabbed further and away from the events unfolding on Sky News. Harry and Olivia are an exceptionally beautiful couple we had received the odd email from in regards to a possible meet. Like most correspondance through that site, their response was initially positive and there was talk of a drink in town and then no date was set and they went quiet. As hot as they were, I was pretty much open to indulging in their desire in the interests of progress and spreading our message of free love upon the world.

They outlined their exact intention for us in a further email with more detail:

“It’s pretty simple guys. We get a private room in chat, we talk and expose ourselves for a bit and when all are happy, the men make their way to each others’ houses where we each put on a show for the other.”

“We could do that together, y’know,” pleaded Siobhan to me as we both read their message over one another’s shoulder.

“I know honey, but for the sake of future meets with them, let’s humour them and oblige their tatses?” I persisted with her.

“Man, she’s so hot too.”

“Yes, but look at him. He’s like an underwear model...” I countered.

“Not a patch on you darling...”

“Awww, very sweet... Lying, but sweet.”

It was true. The whole seperate room swap thing has never appealed to us. Ideally, we prefer everyone together in one happy, horny, flesh-mesh of orgasmic lust. That, and Siobhan wants her hot piece of ass.

“If anything honey, it will be different.”

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Siobhan's Orgy Part Five

This is Siobhan:

I was hanging on for dear life to Jane who was straddling her husband’s face. As she grasped my head into her chest, I looked over to my right to see Jada and Maria chatting by the far side of the bed, sipping on glasses of wine and chatting about Ikea furniture and glancing down at the action on the bed.

Just inches away from the both of them were Adeola and Tanya locked in a 69, the latter on top and loving every second. She had hold of each of ankle before breaking free. Seeing this Maria catches hold of Adeola’s ankle whilst still chatting to Jada. They don’t bat an eyelid and return to their convering. Maria has already cum from the tongue of Jane and left her quite unceremoniously to continue her selfish pleasure from her own husband, Andrew. Maria pulled out Andrew’s cock from the double fucking he and Johnson were giving me and sucked on it really hard. Meanwhile Nick too leave and went for more wine before dragging one of the black girls into the living room for a solitary one on one screw session.

We settled around One AM and settled into a slow, naked chatter, contemplating the world and the concerns around us, in nothing but peace and hazy harmony.

As life should be.

The Bunny Returns and Joins the Fun

This is Homme:

“Don’t you owe me a date?” cried the text.

“Sure, but the ball was in your court...”

“Ahh yes,” she continued. “Your desire for me to join your little harem. If you keep asking, I may just end up unable to resist the temptation.”

“Friday night then?”

This is Homme:

Asian Group Sex

Six girls wanna fuck you (japanese ones at that) and you have your head down looking at the floor in embarrassment.

Send them to me. I believe something very similar to this is coming my way quite soon. Keep you posted.

Seven Random Things About Homme

This is Homme:

As requested from the lovely Imelda in her tag, the third and final part of the series:

1. I have more female friends than I have male ones. Some of you are surprised, I can feel it.

2. Over the course of the weekend (Fri/Sat/Sun), I bedded five different women.

3. I’m American. I come from a city called San Francisco.

4. When I was in school, I wanted to be a robot.

5. Despite its reliance on rich a-list film stars and initially unbelievable concept, I think that there are elements and principles of Scientology that hold much common sense in life. The intergalactic warlord Xenu is not one of them though.

6. I’ve always wanted to film porn. I think I would be good at it. I love being filmed and photographed and would enjoyed getting paid for the pleasure.

7. My mother reads my blog. She is proud of my lifestyle choices.

Monday, 2 July 2007

Seven Random Things about Siobhan

This is Siobhan:

I hate these meme things but I guess it's a good way of getting to know someone and I realise that we don't give away a great deal about each other. I loved the way Femme posted a pic for each of her choices, so I am going to do the same. I'm sure she won't mind. Her choices were great aswell. Anyway, here you are:

1. I’m a trained Ice Dancer. Fortunately for my career in running around getting coffee for minor celebrities and bottles of Jack Daniels for American rock stars, the Irish Ice Dancing sport didn’t have a lot of investment, so I actually gave it up. I still go down to the rink in Queensway for the odd pirouette. It’s near my little Hyde Park fuck spot, under the trees and by the road where I have met Homme and Johnson for the odd 30 minutes of clandestine fornication.

2. I met Madonna last week. I can’t go into details but it was regarding Live Earth. (I get to go but I am working) I’ve met her a few times though but always around some sort of release. She’s actually quite sweet, despite her dubious choices on child adoption.

3. I’m actually quite shy. I am, honestly. In the company of strangers and I am alone, I am very bashful.

4. I love my soaps. If I don’t catch them, I have to record Corrie and Eastenders and Big Brother too, I’m hooked.

5. I love my punk bands but I also appreciate throwing on a Steps tune, every once in a while.

6. I’m really into feminine, tattooed girls. The more tattoos the better and like this girl, I have my fair share too.

7. I had sex with three different men in three different locations yesterday.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Seven Random Things About Femme

This is Femme:

As requested from the lovely Imelda in her tag.

1. I don’t actually blog on here. Apart from the one post about my Cap D’Adge beach experience, I email everything to Homme who posts for me. Even the one I did, I typed it first in Word and then posted it. I don’t like the idea of spending my down time typing online, I’d much rather spend my evenings watching my programmes, having a bath or sleeping with one of my two lovers. I will only use the internet at home for checking emails, reading other blogs and ordering from Abel and Cole and then I tend to do that at work too on breaks.

2. I’m a vegetarian and more or less tee total too. Apart from the odd Bailey’s when we are in a restaurant... Sherry at Christmas... Champagne at New Year... and a bit of bubbly from the body of my girlfriend, of course. Luckily Homme found himself an Irish girl to keep up with his drinking...

3. I have every single episode of Friends on DVD and can quote you, line for line, the most memorable scenes. Really sad, I know.

4. I fancy Jeremy Clarkson. He does it for me. It’s his fuck you cockiness, I think. I saw him in the street recently and he pushed in front of a group of people to use the cash machines. You just have to admire the sheer arrogance of the man.

5. I can’t swim. I never learned to, so it’s the shallow end of the beach for me.

6. When I was younger, I wanted to be a nurse. I never went down that educational path but still often get to be a nurse at home.

7. I have read all of the Patrick O’Brian books.

Saturday, 30 June 2007

Homme's Hot Links

This is Homme:

Try some of these on for size then:

Interracial Threesum
Hot little orgy clip
College dorm 3-way
Half Hour Foursome
English threesum

...and Siobhan's Editor's Choice:

Lesbian Sex Party

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

My Welcome Home Email This Morning

This is Homme:

Thankfully sent to our Yahoo account...

Hey Sexy,
Missed your big fat cock when you were away. Same Toilets. Same stall. 10:05pm. Have inserted a toy somewhere. Take it out and screw me quite slowly. Tell me what a filthy whore I am this time. Outline every little thing you want me to do to you. M. xx

Siobhan's Orgy Part Four

This is Siobhan:

“...and exactly how do you expect to all get into me then?” I demanded, as Johnson dropped me onto Homme and Femme’s bed playfully.

“Four of us, one of you... I call that Pimms four cocks!” Andrew bellowed. We all laughed.

“Seriously though,” he continued as I reached under the side of the bed for my box for a butt plug. “Last time we met, two of us got up there...”

Ahhh, I remember it well. Just before I had well and truly been covered in all of that semen in the hotel last month, Homme and Andrew had both entered me while Tony and Johnson stood over me, emptying their balls onto my face together.

I’m certainly not unfamiliar to some double cock fun either. I had done it twice with Homme and another guy before. Once in the club at the Cap D’Adge and once in a dogging site in Chiswick . We had the window down and I was riding Homme whilst some stranger was fingering my ass. When he opened the door and heard him pull on a condom, I thought he was going to go up there which I actually prefer but he nudged into my pussy with Homme instead. His cock was quite small so it was okay but right now as I lube up the butt plug and see the look on Johnson’s face and rubbing his thick tree trunk, I wondered if he could get up there.

“I’m not sure if we can do this with you, big boy.” He is a thick 10 inches, even bigger than my Homme.

“Well, let me stretch you then...” he suggested, tearing open one of his special, extra-large rubbers. They are great, Homme uses them too. Johnson pointed us towards them, the first time I went with Siobhan to meet them. I sent him down to Soho the next day to stock up and discard the rest of the 12-pack of regular Durex that we use with strangers, which really are not big enough for him and often break. Now, we don’t have that problem. He has more room and they don’t choke him, so he stays harder longer, a slight problem we had with regular condoms.

Johnson lubed his cock up and began to smile while I invited him with splayed legs.

“Can you put this in me first, darling?” I asked, handing him the butt plug. He ran his slippery hand over the toy and nudged it slowly into me anally. I gasped and purred as it slipped all the way in. He followed it with his cock moments later into my pussy. It felt great.

Tony knelt beside him watching his friend fuck me with interest, while wanking his own cock. As much as he was eyeing my pussy, there was no way he was getting in there too whether he likes it or not. The other two boys took a side by my head and crept closer to me with their erections. I took one in each hand and massaged their half mast tools with a special duty and care, angling my head towards Nick.

I sensed the girls milling around by the door. Maria took Jane by the hand and let her to the chaise longue by Femme’s dresser. She sat herself down, hiked up her skirt and cocked a leg over the arm. Jane took the prompt and knelt in front of her, tying her hair in a pony tail. Jada and Adeola chatted between themselves, still fully dressed and swigging on white wine.

After a good five minutes pounding from Johnson and a mouthful of my two willing white guys, he pulled out and flipped me over, grinding the toy in my ass and pulling it out very slowly. He stuck his tongue in there. His mate begged for the same and they alternated. Johnson budged Tony out of the way and stuck his cock in me again.

“Where are you there?” I could hear Tony over the shoulder of Johnson who was slipping his cock into my pussy from behind.

“In her pussy mate...”

“I’ll take her ass after you get settled in there with one of these guys then.”

It’s okay guys, I thought. You just organise things amongst yourselves don’t worry about me. I scoffed on Nick’s cock.

“Who do you want to ride, Siobhan?” wondered Andrew.

“You get in there with him, darling. I’m loving Nick’s juicy member at the moment.”

“I can tell you are, you dirty cow,” piped up Maria, from her pussy licking. “Hmmmm.... Ooooo... oh yeah bitch.... make me cum...”

Jane lapped harder and Jada wandered over to rub one of Maria’s boobs, before kneeling behind Jane and rubbing her ass. Johnson pulled out for a moment to let me straddle Andrew and asked if I was sure I wanted him to get in there too or leave it for Nick, which I thought was quite sweet.

“No, that’s okay. I’m sure I can take it. Just keep that lube handy and put some on my entrance. It will all go in.”

Well, at least I hoped it would.


This is Homme:

"In married life three is company, two is none." -Oscar Wilde.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Siobhan's Orgy Part Three

“So, this is your party darling...” started Maria. “What do you want from the evening?”

“Mmmm,” I thought. Yes, I knew exactly what I wanted. I glanced around the room to see bodies already touching and joining. “I just want to be taken by all these wonderful men, I think...”

“You reckon you can take them all?” challenged Maria. She had Adeola crouching down on the floor in front of where she stood with her mini hiked above her hips. She was lapping at her pussy like a pro and having the back of her head caressed.

“Take them? Well, I’d like to take a few of them at once but I shall definately get around everyone. After all, it’s only polite.”

“Why don’t you take us four guys at once?” asked Andrew.

“The four of you? I don’t have enough holes, darling.” I chuckled. Johnson and Tony looked at each other and nodded, then looked over to Andrew, who glaced to Nick by his side. They all grinned.

“What?” I wondered.

"I think we need to service our hostess first." Nick applauded. Johnson came up me from behind and lifted me up, riding my nightie up around my waist. Tony took the opportunity to give me a quick suck. I squealed and kicked my legs playfully, before the boys marched into the bedroom with me, as the girls chatted amongst themselves, looking on with envy.

Siobhan's Orgy Part Two

At this point, I was faced with an influx of bodies. Despite my earlier desires of fucking a few strangers, I was really glad it was all friends. Like they promised, Nick and Maria brought Jada and Adeola, the two black girls from our CFNM night at Maria's. They were both wearing long summer dresses and heels as if they were on their way to a picnic.

"You both look pretty..." I gasped, offering wine all round. Andrew did the honours and started pouring glasses of white as I hugged and kissed my guests as a welcoming gesture.

"You don't look so bad, yourself." piped up Nick, himself in smart casual, but trendy attire. His wife wore a tiny mini and matching bikini top, finished off with a floor length leather jacket. She kicked off her punishing heels and grabbed a glass of wine from Andrew, giving him and his wife a quick snog whilst Nick helped the other two girls with their bags and pashminas. I was on my way to my room to drop off people's belongings when the door went for the final time and the evening's last three guests were greeted.

Tony and Johnson were all suited, booted and wonderfully smelling, instantly eyeing up the two african girls and nudging each other like children and I realised that despite myself being amongst friends (or at least fmailiar fuck buddies), there actually were going to be some strangers meeting as Jada and Adeola hadn't met most people here.

What a wonderful thought. That of me and my little sex party bringing new people together. By the looks of Johnson and Tony's face, they certainly appreciated it at least. Similarily with Jane and Andrew who were currently making their acquaintence. Jada and Adeola were laughing and joking about their day while, lust filled the eyes of the couple who watched them eagerly as they flirted between one another as bi-girlfriend's often do at parties.

Tanya rolled her eyes as she stood with me and watched her two boys mill around near Jada and Adeola, vying for an introduction.

"What an integrated little bunch we are..." exclaimed Tanya with pleasure.

"I like to think so. I'm glad we are all so acquainted already."

"No silly, I meant in racial terms!"

"Oh, yeah," I quickly looked around the room. The penny dropped. We were a wonderful racial mix. I took that opportunity to do a headcount. Let's see... Black Guys (2) Black Girls (3) White Girls (3) and White Guys (2). The racial aspect had never crossed my mind, although it is true that I am attracted to Johnson and Tanya and have maintained a friendship with them, mainly because of their race. But I also have done because we are sexually compatible and I am sure they love the idea of having a "hot little white girl" to play with, as they have referred to me a fair few times in the past. With that, sure... there are differences but there are many ways in which we are different and they are turn ons too. But yeah, them being black is part of it. But in sexual terms, it's hard not to to deny that is a turn on, because sexual attraction is very much about image. I love black cock, what can I say?

"Yeah," I replied to her as she walked from dropping her coat in my room and adjusting her favourite cotton mini. "It is. I never realised. It's pretty much a picture of equality!"

"Well, apart from there being more girls than guys...." she retorted. "We haven't been to many parties, but the ones we have been to have been mostly men."

"Is that right?"


"Well, I guess with us and the circle of friends Homme and Femme have made for themselves, it lends well to the bi girls. More on offer so to speak. "

"Yes, I know what you mean. It's nice to have variety, but we do like lots of men!"

We both laughed. I continued.

"I guess it's the nature of our surroundings though. We have more female partners because two of us in the relationship... y'know like women sooo... it works. We should definately do more in the future with lots of lovely men...."

"Yes!" she announced.

"In the meantime though," I started, taking her hand and leading her from the doorway and into the room. "I need to fulfill my hostess duties and get you a drink and then of course, make you very comfortable."

"I thought you'd never ask!" gasped Tanya.

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Siobhan's Orgy Part One

This is Siobhan:

The least thing from my night was that I wanted to be triple penetrated. A cock in my arse, a cock in my vagina and one in my mouth. What extra I got from my evening defied every other experience. My guests decided to give me an extra special treat last night. It was like no other multi cock fuck I had ever had before. The ‘night of my senses’ was different. They queued.

I’m getting ahead of myself though, and that’s never good.

My guests all arrived by 7.15pm. This was good because it gave me the opportunity to completely get involved and engage with my guests and give them all the best of my attention. First up was Jane and Andrew who were early. Jane immediately locked into a full on snog at the door with me. She was in a black PVC catsuit and knee high boots. I ran my hands up and down the sides of her body and caressed the base of her spine where there was a gap by the top of her arse where the laces ended. I momentarily broke away from her and turned to her husband.

“Hello dear,” I said, as he slightly bent down to peck me on my lips.

I grabbed his crotch and kneaded his balls through his trousers with my hands. I turned back to Jane and nibbled on her neck. I purred in her ear,

“He’s hard already! Jesus Christ, we’re doing something right...”

“He’s been gagging for this ever since you emailed,” she giggled taking him by the waist from behind and snuggling into his back.

“That, and the blowjob I got in the taxi over here that is.” Andrew replied taking of his wife’s coat from behind and looking around the hall for a peg.

“Coats in my room darling...” I pointed to my door. “I am stealing your wife for a minute.”

I led Jane into the bedroom and fell back onto the bed, spreading my legs wide giving her a come hither look. She climbed up the base of the bed and in between my legs. She grabbed my hips and pulled me upto her face and stuck her tongue into my hole.

“I’m going to get very acquainted with your hole tonight my darling.”

“Hmmmm, don’t stop... that’s really nice.”

Of course, we were interrupted by the doorbell just as she applied a distinct pressure and force on my clit with her mouth. Fortunately by this time, Andrew was able to answer the call as he was staring at us in the doorway, looking on with expectation in his eyes.

“You have another four guests...” announced the husband of the wonderful lady gorging on me. She let go of me as I tensed up and shook in her hands. I fell the foot she had raised me back onto the comfort of my absent lover’s bed. I rolled off the side and looked at her with a fuzzy glare of bliss in my eyes. I ran my fingers through my hair and pulled the nightie back down my hips to go and greet what I expected to be Nick, Maria and the two girls.

I passed Jane by the door. She had already whipped out her lippy and a compact mirror. I checked my pussy by the light of the door and it was covered in her dark red makeup.

Pretty good start, me thinks.

Saturday, 23 June 2007


This is Siobhan:

So they have gone and I am back from work, ready for my evening and sat here waiting for my guests.

I’m glad I didn’t have a lot on and could get away early today because I had loads to do to get ready for tonight which seems to have organised itself with incredible ease to the point which I have had quite the added response to tonight’s orgy.

Both Johnson and Maria have called to give me the lowdown on the extras they are bringing. Johnson is bringing his friend Tony, who I got more than familiar with at my ‘night of the senses’, so I guess that would make up the numbers. Minutes later, I hear from Maria, who can’t get an extra man but can get two girls, Jada and Adeola, from our ‘girls on guy night’ at her place.

I know what you are thinking, what kind of alternative swinging reality do these people live in? Can’t get a guy to come to an orgy but can get two girls? Well, what can I say? I even invited a certain male blogger but when I asked him for pictures, silence. It happens though. Men, you can’t get them to commit to anything, can you? Maria did try and went through her little black book (or rather thick blue one) and whoever she asked was either busy or couldn’t get away from their WAGs. Well, they are all missing something rather special tonight because I have to admit, I look pretty fucking amazing.

I’ve gotten the diffuser out and have put loads of mousse in my hair and have really gone overboard on the makeup. I’ve really gone for the brothel look here. Lots of dark mascara, extremely red lips and eyes and yes, my hair is fucking huge. Honestly, I just caught it on the door and it almost has it’s own postcode. The only thing I have slipped on is a short silk nightie and spiked heels. I haven’t bothered with underwear. I’m amongst friends, after all.

As much as I wasnt to convey utter slut though, I want people to think fun because that’s the main aim of the evening. Fun and orgasms. Oh yeah... drinking too. Aswell as an extensive spirits cabinet here and a seemingly endless supply of a major soft drink, I’ve got six bottles of wine in. I just hope that’s enough. I expect it should because after a certain point, the drinking tends to slow down for concentrating on other activities.

So, I sit here waiting for my first guest. If you are local, the night is still young. xx

Friday, 22 June 2007

Before You Go...

This is Siobhan:

As I write this, I am awaiting Homme.

I have left him watching TV and have left him explicit and graphic instructions of what I expect of him in the next few hours and by no means must he enter the main bedroom until 9pm and I have prepared myself adequately for our final night of pleasure before he goes away for a whole THREE NIGHTS with his wife and my lover, Femme, a wonderful creature I am more than enamoured of being in the prescence of and had the pleasure of intimate acquaintance. For she has agreed with absolutely no complaint to sleep in the spare room while I tie up her husband and do filthy and passionate things to him. She has allowed me him as my plaything alone in their sanctuary and I intend to do her proud.

I am shaved. I am scented. I have climbed into my new white PVC number I bought from Camden Lock market last weekend and matching knee high socks with nothing else but a shaven crotch. I was going to wear my black, glass based ‘stripper heels’ but I can’t for the life of me find them. I may have left them under Johnson’s bed. I have applied coconut butter to my exposed flesh with a hope that he will place his soft lips over every inch, that being my shoulders, my chest, my bald cootchie, my cleavage and the tops of my thighs.

I pull out my special Agent Provocateur box from underneath their bed where I have it for safe keeping. This morning I tucked it under there after an especially delicious late one on one session with Femme with Homme’s turn to sleep in my room. I place it up the black silk sheets I had requested from her today to cover their kingsized play area for me.

I remember the feeling that shot through me this past Valentine’s Day when my two lovers first presented me with this box, now one of my most treasured possessions. They’d had it wrapped in pink, silk ribbon. It housed (to my lust, amazement and glee) a bejewelled leather riding crop, aswell as a sly bottle of their perfume too. It’s encrusted with Swarovski crystals and glints even in the soft bedroom light. I was so eager to just lift it out and hear the beautiful sound of when it is sliced through the air with delicate force. A delicate force which does nothing but delight me when it comes into contact with the side of my rump or underneath my bum, at the tops of my legs. Until that point, I had only felt the pleasure inflicted by the bare hands of my Homme and Femme (who is partial herself to the odd reddening), apart from that one afternoon I begged her to bend me over her knee like a bad aunt and smack me with one of her ballet flats.

I immediately found myself thrusting the crop into his hands upon receiving the gift and got onto all fours in front of him. I was wearing my best french knickers and he just slipped them down to my knees without a second thought. He made me deliciously pink and hoarse in the throat and I could feel the pain upon my ride onto the tube. Luckily I was wearing my gypsy skirt and could feel the breeze. I had to bring coffee to obnoxious celebrities while my arse cheeks throbbed. It was bliss.
I think of that first morning every time I open this box now, despite no longer being home to the crop anymore. That has pride of place on the dresser in my room for all who is invited to see. A symbol of not only my affection and gratitude to the giver but one of respect and identity to anyone who enters my glorious domain. It is situated invitingly close enough to the bed for anyone who gains my trust and I allow my intimacy to use at free will.

Currently, I have a playmate called Tabitha, a gay goth chick from Sweden that comes over and hangs out with me when she is in the area. There’s nothing sexual between us in terms of what I do with Femme, Maria and such (apart from the odd bit of mutual masturbation when I make her exceptionally horny) but the arrangement suits us both. Plus, she has a long term girlfriend and it sounds a little complicated. She is a Domme in training and likes the spanking practice really and I like girls to dominate me. I met her at the London Fetish Fair last year. We got chatting at the crowded bar in amongst the trannies and the older couples about what we were both attending for and she asked me quite openly if she was allowed to lift up my skirt and strike me with her hand.

“Of course...” I gushed. She looked so surprised, I expect that she thought that I would say no. I quite enjoyed the public display. I was wearing my long white socks, with my babydoll Mary Janes, a tartan pleated skirt and one of Homme’s crisp white shirts. I think it was the pigtails that drew her into me as she muttered something along the lines of pulling them back as she plunged a strap on into me. It had the desired effect because she got me so wet. Homme was with me and had to get his cock out for a little play too.

In my box now are all my instruments of pleasure. There are cuffs, collars, silk ties (stolen from Homme), butt plugs, anal beads, nipple clamps, lubricants, feathers, condoms and for when I am feeling especially submissive, a ball gag. It has yet to be used and since its purchase. Perhaps this weekend will lend the ideal opportunity. The tools in the box though are there for invite only. To use as and when I desire. Femme has her own box of tricks and although we use our toys on each other, we know what is each others etc. There are certain things in my box that she desires and vice versa.

I have placed all of my toys on his dresser and the box open on the floorin preparation for the next few hours. I intend to use as many as I can. Before he goes, I am determined to give him quite the memorable and extremely late night.

I should sign off in a minute and call for him. First, I am going to slip in a butt blug and greet him at the door on my hands and knees on the stripped wood floor so the first thing he steps into is inbetween my legs. When I am satisfied with the attention I am given it is his turn.

Good Night All. Have a Wonderful Evening. xx

Thursday, 21 June 2007

A Flurry of Bunny Texts

This is Homme:

Strike while the iron is hot, I say. I send the following to my little bunny friend as we are finishing dinner and jumping in a cab home.

Would you like a nibble of the carrot tommorrow evening? I would certainly like to forage your hole again... xx

I would. I’m free around 6 in Bayswater. My place ok again?

I have to admit, it really wasn’t. Her bedsit was a bit too cramped for my liking but when needs must. Both the girls would be around and I’m not sure whether I should scare her with that so soon. Not quite yet anyway.

Ok, pub first?

I can’t. I have to meet some friends later. Can spare an hour or so for sex but then have to dash. Xx

I do love a girl who is organised.

Okay, whatever works for you. You are welcome at our place in the future though. There’s a lot more space. Xx

Thanks, appreciate it. Next time we will go there and perhaps can involve someone else.

Now that is a result!

Revisiting a Seasonal Treat

This is Homme:

I’m walking down Oxford Street last night with Siobhan last night and my phone goes off. I don’t recognise the number.

“Hey stranger, remember me?”

That’s always a bad sign isn’t it? When you don’t.

I laugh uncomfortably. “Well, you sound like somebody somebody I want to remember so enlighten me...”

Siobhan digs me in the ribs and points to our destination which we have walked a short distance to from Oxford Circus station, a little restaurant off Wardour Street where we are meeting my wife for dinner.

“Well, the last time you saw me, I was wearing nothing but bunny ears and a smile...”

“Easter bunny!” I exclaimed. “How are you?”

What was her name? I racked through the filing cabinet in my head as she tells me about her art course. It comes to me.

“It’s good to hear from you, Jess.”

Siobhan rolls her eyes at me and I wave her towards the restaurant. She makes a drinking sign with her hand and I stick a thumbs up. She headed towards the entrance as I sauntered up slowly behind her.

“Oh, you know... at a loose end...” she murmurs. “You?”

“Well, I am taking my girlfriend out to dinner at the moment...”

“Wife, you mean?”

“Yes, we are meeting her there...” I chuckle.

“Oh,” she gasped. “Sounds like a fun date. Do they know about each other yet?”

“Yes, you could say that...”

Cue momentary silence.

“You dawg... I’m not surprised really. I bet you keep them both happy.”

“I try. What about you my little wabbit, are you a bi bunny?”

“Not sure. Never tried. Curious, I guess...”

“Aren’t we all?”

“Perhaps... well, I was just wondering whether you were free to come over and and let me nibble on your carrot, but I guess you are busy...”

“I am, sorry. But if you want to do that, you need to have a big appetite though.”

She giggles. “Why do you think I called?”

“Nice...” I had to laugh. I paused in hope she would suggest something else.

“Well, I would like to see you soon...”

“So would I, it will be lots of fun, I’m sure.”

“I don’t doubt that...” she mused.

“Sure, I’ll touch base with you later... and if you are still curious... that could be arranged too...”

I could feel her blushing over the airwaves. She’s only 19. Bless, I do love corrupting the young...


“Result?” enquired Siobhan, as I took my seat and place a supple peck on the lips of both of my ladies.

“Always...” I replied, reaching for the bottle of Pinot Grigo.

“What?” demanded Femme. “Who are you seeing now?”

“I’m not seeing anyone right now apart from the both of you. That was Jess, the easter bunny girl. She called me. She clearly wants my cock again.”

“...and what a wonderful cock it is aswell, my dear.” opined Femme in jest.

“Never seen you complain?” I retorted. Siobhan grabbed Femme beside her and announced,

“Neither of us will ever complain!”

Both of the girls laughed. Siobhan continued.

“Don’t listen to her, she doesn’t know what she is talking about. You have a magnificent cock.”

We giggled to ourselves before noticing a stony faced Italian waitress poised nervously with an order pad. We quickly scrambled for our menus and Femme piped up.

“Can these two have the errrr... cold shower, please?”

A Letter to You, Rudies...

This is Siobhan:

Hi There People,

As you may or may not know, the delectable Homme and Femme have skipped town and probably unwisely, left yours truly in charge of our humble abode, our den of illicit pleasure and if you desire, pain.

So, this Saturday night, I am planning a horny night in. What this entails is upto you but I am planning on sharing bodies with anyone who cares to indulge me. Bring yourselves, wear something slutty and if you feel inspired, bring friends. I will be.

Love and licks, Siobhan. Xx

I sent this email to our three regular couple playmates; Tanya and Johnson, Nick and Maria and my new greedy girlfriend, Jane and her husband, Andrew who I haven’t seen since my cum filled night a few weeks ago. Jane had called since and offered me to join her at her own scenario, chaired by Andrew and their regular longlist of male friends, a week after that exhausting night. I had just about recovered physically from being fucked by thirteen men and covered by the sperm of a few more but emotionally I was still unprepared for round two and bowed out gracefully of the invite, with a firm and definate raincheck heartily promised.

Within half an hour of sending, I’d received replies from two of the parties mentioned.

The theme from the movie, Gremlins tinkled away on my phone after about ten minutes. It was Maria:

“Hello sexy, what a lovely surprise in my mailbox, darling.” I laughed, blushing slightly.

“Count us both in!” she exclaimed, wondering also about other such parties, no doubt.

“Well,” I added. “I’ve been given free reign of the place, really and I was hoping you would come over. I hope others come too.”

“I’ll make a few phonecalls honey. What do you want? Other couples? Men? Women?”

I was surprised that she could offer me a menu just like that to be honest.

“Got a little black book, have you?”

“It’s blue actually and it’s pretty thick so do tell...”

“I hadn’t thought. I’d quite like another man to make up the numbers but then I’d like a few extra girlies to keep us Bi girls satisfied aswell...”

“You really are a greedy girl, aren’t you?”

I giggled at her flirting with me. I love it when she does that. She’s a good ten years older than me and easily the oldest woman I have been intimate with, which probably doesn’t sound like much of an age gap to most but I’ve never really had another man that old. Apart from Homme, I have mostly stuck to the twenties. They (in a way) have opened me upto this whole new lease of life in terms of age range. I didn’t think it before but age is a number and as long as you are into the other person, then get off on them!

Maria does it for me though. She’s incredibly passionate, very confident and forthright, which is a huge turn on for me. Be bold, be cool and you have me sold.

“Oh, aren’t they wonderful to you,” purred Maria. “They are so good. I will remember to give them special attention next time I see them. We should give Homme another all-female attention night. See, if we could round up a few more women... you think he would like that?”

“It’s his birthday soon, sounds like a plan actually.”

“Great, leave it with me.”

Next was an email from Johnson. The idea obviously turned him on as from his reply, which was filled with exactly what he was going to do to me aswell as the following,

“The first thing Tanya said to me the morning after we last saw you was how much she had been thinking about when she could ride your face again... Myself, I was hoping you would ride something else quite soon, just as good as you know I like.”
The cheeky bastard. He does that at least twice a month anyway.
Still, nice to be desired. Isn’t that right, girls?

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Left to my own Devices, I probably would...

This is Siobhan:

Homme and Femme are away this weekend.

Some old friend's wedding they feel obliged not to excuse themselves from, so I have the place to myself it seems. I know that in an ideal world (a happy and horny, more peaceful world), I would be able to go too, but I'm not.

It's not through not having the option (not at all), I realise that I could if I really wanted to but it would mean having to think up excuses about who I am and why I am there etc., which I am more than happy to do so and have quite a bit, but it's a church wedding and talking to those people could get complicated so I have decided it's probably wise to sit this one out.

It does mean though, I can plan some fun on my own and without them, which these days I rarely get to do so. I have the odd experience alone but always from home. When people have come over to the house to have a wild one on one with me, it has always been one of my casual fuck buddies (of which I have one male and one female), I have never thought about inviting my own group. Not until Homme suggested it this morning, that is.

"What sort of filthy behaviour are you planning while we are away then?" he asked me.

"Probably the usual. Go and see Johnson and Tanya or take up Nick and Maria's invitation..." She had kindly offered to keep me company two weeks ago when I went over there for what there with Homme what is turning out to be quite the regular fortnightly four way.

"Why don't you have them all... here?" he suggested.

"Here?" I coughed on my tea. "Is that ok?"

He laughed and kissed me on the forehead. "You can have anyone over you like, you know that. This is your home too."

He paused while I reached over to him for a hug.

"Give them a call?" he continued. "It wouldn't be hard to organise, would it? They all love you..."

"Maybe, I guess I could."

I'd never even thought about it actually. That of organising my own orgy. I don't see why not. It's not like I don't know my way around one.

"It wouldn't be difficult. Invite as many around as you want. Have fun."

With that, he collected himself, stole a piece of toast from my plate and left for work in the same breath that he would ask my to change the morning milk order.

He was right though, it certainly wouldn't be difficult. Our circle of friends these days, especially in the few months of this blog have certainly grown (and have even mostly been aquainted with each other) and it is not uncommon for us not to be doing nothing normally on a weekend. Friday and Saturday nights tend to revolve around some sort of action and if we are feeling especially naughty, Sunday too.

It's a small thing I guess but I actually appreciate this freedom quite a bit. Everytime we have hosted others at our home before, I have felt less of a host and more of one of the invited guests. Well perhaps not, but certainly more of a bit player than a host and every girl loves to pull on her hostess thong once in a while.

It's hard getting involved sometimes too when I tend to end up as the only single at what tends to be a mainly couples environment. I am in my element when I am somewhere with Homme as a couple. It's when I really shine and yes, I can't help but have a part of me hold back when there is the three of us. I guess it's still my inner respect for their marriage. I was brought up a good catholic girl, see. I know I have gone very bad... but work with me.

But really though, if you come across us when we are together, I guarantee that you are in for a treat. It's just when I am on the outskirts of couples that I find it harder. I am sure the others present when I am don't complain as I make up for it by being pretty eager and insatiable when I just help myself to the nearest cock or latch on with my mouth to some lovely ladies boob but that all requires an element of restraint, that of timing and choosing my moment. I may be wanton, hot and naked but even I have to respect people's boundaries and intimacy.

It's all a question of logistics really. Orgy etiquette.

I do appreciate how wonderful they make me feel and how overwhelmingly welcome they have been to me with both their home and their hearts but I can't help but hold back sometimes and feel left out. I'm a woman. I'm emotional.

As a hostess though, I am sure that it will be so much easier. There are different boundaries and etiquettes. When you open your environment to other willing participants, people tend to be happier to have you involved. It's a question of respect and appreciation and I do love my happy and willing participants.

Time to compose and email, me thinks.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

This Morning with Homme and Maria

This is Homme:

I thought I would tell you about my morning, so far.


At work. My phone has just vibrated in my jacket pocket. It's Maria. She's early, I'm thinking. Must have gotten up late and frustrated again and looking for some lunchtime fun. It reads,

Meet me in the women's toilet on the fifth floor of your building. Fourth stall across. The only thing I am wearing is fishnets and heels. I'm bent over. Just come in, fuck me, cum over my arse and then leave. Don't say a word to me. Hurry, I'm waiting. xx

Intriguing start to my day.


Yummy. Well, that should really be one of the benefits in my company pension.


Another text,

You made me feel like such a filthy slut just then. Thanku. Have a good day. xx

Friday, 15 June 2007


This is Femme:

I'm sorry, but when I saw this, I had to cry.... xx